Company Establishment

In order to incorporate a new company in Japan in accordance with Japanese law, at least one of the directors must reside in Japan.

Therefore, in case that you intend to assume a post of a director but do not have a residence in Japan, you are required to have a co-director from a Japanese resident.  Having a work visa in Japan is not required.

We provide advisory services to foreign clients that are seeking a solution to the above issue. Our service includes a referral of a qualified person for co-directorship of your company.

Once we have referred and registered an appropriate co-director for your company, our services will be deemed complete.

Other services available:
1. Drafting related agreements between aforementioned company and a third party

2. Obtaining various kinds of business licenses

3. Arrangement of various payments for bills in the corporate name

4. Overseas Correspondence

Advanced meetings to go over your business plan, as well as your identification confirmation, are required for this service.

Commercial transaction assistance

We deal with many types of commercial transactions, including;

・Formation, acquisition and transfer of ownership for new companies
・Change of company structure, shareholders and directors
・Transfer, disposal and acquisition of shares and assets
・Commercial contracts and agreements
・Personal bankruptcy, insolvency, receivership, independent voluntary arrangements and  company liquidation.

Governmental Relations

We are well versed in the political and local legislative processes.

We advise clients on matters before the legal affairs bureau, the City Government, Country Courts and various boards and commissions.

We can provide a rich accumulation of service and advice to clients in the procurement of permit approvals.

Real Estate

We have been assisting local and international clients with all aspects of purchase, sale, finance and refinancing of property including single family dwellings, condominiums, town homes, strata title properties, new home construction and leasehold assignments, as well as with related matters such as provincial Property Transfer Tax, GST issues and title insurance.

We are also able to assist with a full range of commercial real estate transactions, including acquisition and sale of office buildings, industrial and commercial properties, warehouses, apartment buildings and the leasing of commercial properties. We have assisted with more than 1500 transactions.


We can introduce you to a visa lawyer in obtaining any kind of visa to enter and/or work in Japan.